Jani-Care Commercial Cleaning, Inc. was founded in 1986. Its owner and president Daniel J. Bonfiglio has relied on personal service and professionalism to grow the business from a one person operation to over 250 employees. His personal commitment to customer satisfaction has been the backbone of the business since the beginning. The management team as well as the employees are instilled with the same commitment to excellence.

Jani-Care is proud of our new 11,000 squart foot facility located at 6676 Exchequer Dr. (off Industriplex Blvd). It is one of the finest commercial cleaning service buildings in the state of Louisiana. We have installed a networking computer system, with an automatic call in and out time keeping feature with Caller ID to better serve our customers. Jani-Care has also added Global Positioning Systems on all of our vehicles so we can better serve our customers more promptly and efficiently.

In-House Training

At Jani-Care, we understand the importance of employee training which is why all of our employees are interviewed and screened. A background check, work history and drug test are performed before consideration for the job. After an employee is hired, extensive training begins. Our training consists of personal appearance standards, company policy, proper cleaning techniques, chemical use and practice sessions.

Employees will work through a probation period under close supervision for a prescribed length of time. Only when the employees meet the standards of Jani-Care management staff are they allowed to work in your facility.

SUPERVISION & Quality Control

Our management staff is continually participating in training sessions, seminars and trade shows to keep abreast of new technologies. The methods learned are beneficial to our clients. We listen to you and respond to your needs immediately. Our main concern is customer satisfaction, which is why a supervisor participates in every job and periodic reviews, and inspections are required.


Jani-Care is an authorized distributor of a full line of janitorial supplies, paper products, trash bags and commercial floor care equipment. Our equipment is kept in top condition and the correct equipment is always used to assure that our clients receive top quality service. Our customers can save money by purchasing supplies directly from us. Even customers with in-house cleaning services use our supplies, which you can purchase directly from Jani-Care.