Day Porter

Baton Rouge Day Porter Services for Cleaning & Maintenance

At Jani-Care, we provide full day porter services in Baton Rouge for commercial and industrial businesses. Our porters are available to remain onsite at your facility, catering to your company’s needs throughout the day. From periodic restroom maintenance to responding to any hazardous cleanups, our experienced janitorial staff will keep your facility running smoothly all day.

What Does a Day Porter Do?

Our day porters are responsible for making sure your building looks clean, maintained, and presentable during business hours. Most facilities benefit from having professional cleaners on hand to maintain bathroom sanitation or clean up any sudden accidents. Our goal is to ensure your business has a professional and inviting environment for your tenants or customers to enjoy.

As part of ensuring a professional environment, we pay special attention to bathroom cleaning and maintenance. To keep your bathroom orderly and refreshed throughout the day, we provide ongoing cleanings and touchup cleanings to ensure a spotless and hygienic environment. 

We also restock bathroom supplies and take out the trash on a continuous basis. Your customers will feel comfortable when they use your bathroom facility with a dedicated day porter for your property.

Who Can Benefit from Our Day Porter Service?

Businesses that have customers or tenants frequently coming to their property can highly benefit from day porter services. Schools, apartment complexes, homeowner and condominium associations, commercial buildings, gyms, daycares, and many more are all great examples of businesses and organizations that will benefit from Jani-Care’s day porter services in Baton Rouge.

Day Porter Services We Provide

When it comes to keeping your property clean, leave it to Jani-Care to keep your space cleaned and maintained for a smoother running facility. Our employees are trained and equipped with the most effective cleaning tools to ensure they can handle any task at hand. Our day porter services include:

  • Bathroom Maintenance and Sanitation
  • Janitorial Cleaning
  • Lightbulb Replacement
  • Sanitation and Disinfecting
  • Trash and Litter Cleanup
  • Parking Lot Cleanup
  • Spill or Hazard Cleanup
  • Lobby Maintenance
  • Conference Room Preparation
  • Equipment Wipe-Down

Have any special requests? Contact Jani-Care today to request more information and see the difference we can make for your commercial property.