Janitorial Supplies

Get Your High-Quality Janitorial Supplies in Baton Rouge

Jani-Care is not just an outstanding cleaning company, it is also an authorized distributor of a full line of janitorial supplies. We offer a wide variety of exceptionally high-quality products and equipment. Improve the cleanliness standards of your business and save money on janitorial products by buying directly from Jani-Care.

Save Money by Purchasing Quality Janitorial Supplies from Jani-Care

Our janitorial supplies can save you money by lowering your cleaning costs. With top-quality products from the professionals, you can ensure you get the best results without spending a fortune. Bundle your supplies and services with Jani-Care today and get the exceptional, professional cleaning results you need without the high cost or extra hassle of finding another supplier.

Top-Quality Janitorial Supplies

We’ve got you covered for all your janitorial cleaning supply needs. We offer a wide range of cleaning supplies for all surfaces. We have products such as:

  • Paper Products
  • Trash Bags
  • Floor Cleaners
  • Window Cleaners
  • Soap
  • Floor Care Equipment

For Any Type of Office or Industry

Whether you need to maintain a law office, a medical facility, or a gym – Jani-Care has you covered. We offer janitorial supplies for any type of office or industry that will keep your facility clean, safe, and inviting. We can also keep your building stocked with toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and other necessities.

Call Jani-Care in Baton Rouge for Janitorial Supplies

Call Jani-Care today for high-quality janitorial supplies and equipment to keep your building in mint condition. We sell janitorial products to a wide variety of companies, even those that have in-house cleaning services. Speak to us to see how you can save money and improve the cleanliness standards of your business with excellent janitorial products from Jani-Care.

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